About Abderma

About Abderma

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Absorption / Retention

Abderma is a high performing aliphatic polyurethane
foam which has been designed and manufactured
specifically with Wound Care applications in mind.

The entire range of Abderma foam offers superior fluid handling properties. The absorption and retention rates of this innovative material allied to its strength, incredible rate of absortion, processability and softness make this the ideal material for Wound Care applications.

Abderma foams are biocompatible and do not discolour under sterilisation. The chemistry associated with our innovative manufacturing technique allows for conversion/processing to a wide range of Wound Care, Feminine Hygiene and other Personal Health products.
The Abderma foam range is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses (typically 2 – 6 mm) in two forms; a high quality foam and a high quality foam incorporating a class leading MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) breathable, protective polyurethane film.

” The Abderma foam range routinely retains over 90% of the absorbed Test Solution A (saline solution). “