Absorption / Retention

Absorption / Retention

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Absorption and Retention
Testing vs. brands
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The absorbency was determined using the standard method
BS EN 13726-1:2002, Test methods for primary wound dressings
– Part 1: Aspects of absorbency. In summary a 5 x 5 cm foam
sample was weighed and placed into an excess saline solution
(Test Solution A*) to simulate a wound environment, for 30 minutes
at 37°C. The sample was then suspended vertically by the corner
of the dressing for 30 seconds and reweighed.

The fluid retention was measured using the saturated 5 x 5 cm foam sample. The sample was subjected to a 6 kg weight covering the total surface area of the dressing for 30 seconds. The weight was removed and the sample reweighed. Abderma foam routinely retains in excess of 90% of the absorbed liquid. This exceptional fluid handling property differentiates the Abderma foam from other foams currently available.

*Note: Test Solution A has an ionic composition comparable to human serum or wound exudate.
Advantages of the Abderma Foam product range
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High Absorption
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No discolouration on sterilisation
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Soft and Strong
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Exceptional Retention
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Rapid absorption rate
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Manufactured in EU under ISO 13485

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